Yay - IgnitED has been voted one of the top 1,000 new startups by YouNoodle!

YouNoodle is a San Francisco based company who provides software used by start up competition organizers. 

Stanford's BASES, UC Berkeley's B-Plan, Start-Up Chile, Amazon Startup Challenge, and NASA are all running competitions on YouNoodle's platform.

Over the past few weeks, YouNoodle combed through their data on 28,000 startups who entered over 400 competitions last year. From this, they chose the top 1,000 new start ups for 2014 as selected by the combined judgment of over 4,000 judges.  

And we heard today that IgnitED is one of them.

We have been invited to join a group called YN1K - members of which are then promoted to investors, corporations, and journalists.

That's got to be good right?