If you want to get a handle on how your Internet usage is being tracked, and how this data mining can affect your job, insurance and loan opportunities - this new doco, "do not track", is the one to watch.  

But this is not just for adults.  If getting your 13 +  offspring or students involved in a discussion or even better, engaged in a full lesson about the Internet identity they are building, this is an amazing resource for them too. 

The doco is streaming free online in about 7 minute chunks, populated with remarkable visuals, and a worrying (but thank goodness not-always-entirely-accurate) ability for us to be stalked by the programme in exchange for subsequent feedback on who we are in net-world.

So far three episodes have aired with more on the way. Internet activist, Ethan Zuckerman explains why our tendency not to want to pay for any content online, led to the initial invention of cookies.  That our data is now being mined in insidious ways in order to fund our free online lifestyles, would appear to be the bed we have enthusiastically made for ourselves.

The doco includes excellent supporting links to external content such as TED talks and news articles as well as valuable tips on how we could be protecting our privacy - all of which seem more important after one sees oneself being tracked online in real time.

It's all stuff we know but there's more of it, and it is packaged in a great format.  Can you tell we love it?