Came across this website today, pithily named "Be an Unf**ker".  It aims to fight climate change apathy, "one helpful eco hint at a time." 

Read no further if the "F" word is a game changer - because they do seem to love throwing it around.

Having got that out of the way, this is their spiel:

"So how fucked are we?
Pretty fucked, but we’re optimistic.

We’ve made a mess of this planet and we need to stop thinking it’s not our problem, that it’s up for debate or it’s just too hard to fix. Dive bombing our heads in the sand or thinking it’s up to the tree huggers just isn’t an option anymore. Before you start running for the hills, stick with us for a little longer because this isn’t all doom and gloom.

What you’ll find here is a list of head slap-ingly easy things everyone can do to start unfucking things. The power of people can be pretty amazing. But before we get into that, let’s take a moment to refresh our memories. We know fossil fuels, global warming and greenhouse gasses are bad, but to care about something, is to properly understand it. [Brief explanation for climate change summary here...]

The good news is, we can still put the brakes on this, but only if we do it right now.

So to start, all we’re asking you is to change ONE thing from what you normally do. Just one. Then the hope is that one will turn into two, or more. And while this is by no means the complete list of what you can be doing, it’s a start. A super easy start. 

Remember, what’s the norm now doesn’t have to be the same in the future. But that takes people powered change. So give a bit more of a shit, feel that wave of guilt when you take that plastic bag at the supermarket, buy that pristine white toilet paper or don’t recycle properly. 

Let’s start unfucking things."

Their format is cool and the ideas are easy to incorporate in everyday life. Yes, the language pushes the boundaries of what one normally finds in school materials.

But for older students, I imagine, most have already heard it all before.

Teens may actually be more interested in this site - whose defiant subtext is "we're non-stuffy" and "this matters" and "what you do counts".  And it then goes on to make environmentally friendly habit change a Thing, reminding students they can contribute and feel less helpless. 

Worth checking out - but might be worth preparing for concerned e-mails from certain parents.