IgnitED's latest version of Social Media Revolution is ready to go!  The first fifteen interested organizations who make contact from now until end-November will be able to access the materials without charge in exchange for feedback on usability and student impact.  We are looking for schools or companies who think global-mindedness education could help their students or employees navigate their future. 

The places are first come, first served - so please touch base via our contact page asap if tempted.  

On a more personal note, akin to Derek Sivers' now page, here's more about the non-IgnitED but related stuff we have been excited about this week.

Reading this week: 
Finally reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Harari.  It may sound dry but weirdly, finding it a bit of a page turner.  More about it here.

Watching this week:
"New Hope for Humans in an AI World" TEDx talk by Louis Rosenberg. Exciting possibilities for solution design using our cumulative intelligence.
More here.

Listening to this week: 
Dr. Lynda Grattan discussing the ideas in her book "The 100 Year Life". It's about the intersection of longevity, technology, and the consequent revolution in the work place - relevant to us all. 
More about the podcast here

Current obsession:
Adriene's daily yoga - free on YouTube. Adriene describes it as "Yoga designed to inspire you to be authentic, do your best and find what feels good." Spot on. We could all do with more of that.
More here.