1. Multimedia Global Issues Sessions

IgnitED creates contemporary, cool, interactive, multimedia educational modules for schools.

  The modules are aimed at students aged 14 - 17 years old, designed to nurture lateral-minded and compassionate global thinkers, comfortable with real-world problem solving. The sessions are peppered with embedded video, music, game links, satellite journeys and interactive maps - all of which help facilitate engaged learning.

All sessions are supported by detailed Teachers' Guides which provide background information and age-targeted discussion questions to inspire further student-led inquiry. 

The sessions don’t give answers – they encourage big picture thinking and analysis based on the critical weighing of evidence.  The sessions are updated as global events shift - so they are both current and intellectually rigorous.


2. Supporting Resources

IgnitED is not trying to re-invent the human rights and global issues educational wheel but rather work in tandem with great material already available.  

All IgnitED sessions are accompanied by frequently-updated links to great external material sourced from various UN and NGO organisations as well from news, gaming and doco making organizations.  They also reference suitable books and movies to give background context and colour. 

We also encourage students to communicate with other IgnitED students in schools globally. This lends a global dimension to their enquiry and make the process even more interactive.

All this gives teachers increased opportunity to guide deeper analysis in classroom discussions as well as providing support for the further student-led enquiry questions. 

3. Beyond the Bake Sale

IgnitED sessions are an ideal starting point for schools who facilitate innovation and entrepreneurship education.  Schools can harness students' new-found empathy and interest in an issue and encourage them to design creative, sustainable, viable solutions.

When data and stories are used together, students are moved emotionally and intellectually to action. Without action however, students risk developing compassion-fatigue.  

Traditionally schools resort to the ubiquitous bake sale.  While the bake sale will probably always have its place, we think students nowadays also have the capacity to be involved more creatively and impact-fully in issues which concern them. 

And in the process becoming more hopeful, empathic, insightful, creative and confident.