Founder of IgnitED

Previously conducted refugee determinations for UNHCR and ran anti-people-trafficking initiatives for IOM, UN and APC.

Wrote "Global Engagement: Teaching and Learning about Rights"- for the IB World Schools - how to teach students about global challenges in creating a better, more peaceful world.


After training and teaching in the UK, Clive joined the International Community School of Zurich.  Having been the Curriculum Coordinator, the Deputy Principal and Principal in both ICS Primary and Secondary Schools, he is now creating content for IgnitED.

Passionate about encouraging children to incorporate human rights thinking into how they analyze global issues.  



Christine qualified as a lawyer in New Zealand and the UK, and completed an MA in Human Rights Law. She has both represented refugees and made decisions on refugee cases, while also having extensive experience in the broader immigration law arena.

Since having children, she is interested in teaching students about global issues to help them understand how they might create a more hopeful future.


Liz Ignited Coalition
Richa Datta


Extensive experience working to promote human rights in the Middle East and North Africa.

Set up schools for street children in Kabul, worked on Lebanese National Action Plan for Human Rights, documented migrant labour conditions for Human Rights Watch and worked on anti-torture initiatives in Libya.

Now works for Human Rights Watch in Iraq.



Two decades' experience in environmental management planning, policy and facilitation work.

In addition, six years as a New Zealand School Board of Trustee.

Three key themes are at the heart of Ursula’s approach – the relationship of people with the natural world, their relationship with each other, and the use of education to achieve positive change


Over a decade working in the rapidly evolving field of business and human rights.

Extensive experience teaching human rights at multiple levels, to diverse audiences. Committed to holding corporations accountable for their impact on human rights.

Works with several international organizations and educational institutions including University of Oxford, UNHCR, UNICEF and ILO. 


Nicholas Walton

A journalist and writer who spent a decade and a half, reporting from around the world for the BBC before working for a foreign policy think tank.

He recently published a book on his wife's home city of Genoa. 

He is now writing for the Economist while writing a second book - this time dissecting the wonders of Singapore. 


A Chartered Accountant with MNC experience, Richa is now channeling her energy into her real passion - education. She brings rich experience working for major educational NGOs in Asia (Pratham, India) and Europe (One Laptop per Child, Belgium) to shaping IgnitED's finance and commercial strategy. Living globally and working in multi-cultural settings has led Richa to believe that education is the single most significant factor in shaping the world-view of future generations.


Sue brings the librarian’s perspective to the team, based on a wealth of experience in international schools. 

Committed to nurturing global citizens through education, guiding schools through international accreditation and connecting teachers and students to resources.  

UK Chartered and IB trained, Sue is passionate about meaningful conversations on global issues as part of the inquiry process.